These worksheets are your long-term go-to guide for all of lifes challenges.

Everyone encounters challenges in life. Maybe it’s your health, finances, or romance troubles. Maybe you’re not sure of what it is. You just know you could use a little guidance. You are not alone.

It doesnt take good luck to improve your life. All it takes is you choosing to do it.

With these worksheets, I truly show you how to identify your problems, get past your self-talk (inner monologue), and start working towards getting your life in order. It is simple, there is no complicated psychoanalysis involved. By using these insightful exercises, it will help you step out of your existence and see your struggles from the outside. When you have clarity, you can begin to break things down, hone in on what needs attention, and start improving your life one step at a time.

Every worksheet created was tried and tested on real life experiences.

You choose how and when to start the process. From Time Management, Goals, Stress, Happiness, Coping with Loss and Grief, to even finding The Meaning of Your Life, these worksheets tackle an array of life’s challenges. You choose how to make these worksheets work for you. Begin to improve your life today.

Life Worksheets

Time Management Worksheet
What’s Right Worksheet
What’s Wrong Worksheet
Goal Worksheet
Hope Worksheet
Stress Worksheet
Happiness Worksheet
Joy Worksheet
The Meaning of Your Life Worksheet
Identify The Types Of People In Your Life Worksheet
Building And Earning Trust Worksheet
Conflict Resolution Worksheet
Guilt Worksheet
Regret Worksheet
Finding Your Worth Worksheet
Coping With Loss And Grief Worksheet
Depression Worksheet
Finding Your Inner Peace Worksheet

Relationship Worksheets

Romantic Identity Worksheet
Being Single Worksheet
Romantic Attraction Worksheet
Fear of Romantic Rejection Worksheet
Romantic Rejection Worksheet
Friend Zone Worksheet
Friends with Benefits Worksheet
Relationship Deal Breakers Worksheet
Relationship Waiting Game Worksheet
Dating Worksheet
Break Up Worksheet
Love Worksheet
Is Marriage For You Worksheet
Engagement Worksheet
Marriage Worksheet
Sex Worksheet
Remarrying Worksheet
Relationship Check Up Worksheet
Relationship Conflict Resolution Worksheet
Cheating / Romantic Betrayal Worksheet
Marriage Separation Worksheet
Divorce Worksheet
Loss of Partner Worksheet
Finding Partnership After Loss Worksheet

Religion Worksheets

Prayer Worksheet
Christianity – Sin Worksheet

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Words Go Away; Written Words Stay

I love to tell stories. One story I will share with you is a story of a tough time I lived through. I was down and out. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to bounce back. I had all the people who love me tell me it was going to be okay, I’m going to get over it. It didn’t work. Why? The reason was my self-talk (inner monologue). It kept going and going. It was a vicious cycle in my head I could not stop. Was I conscious of it? Yes. Was I aware of the amount of damage it was causing me? No. It was my subconscious speaking and it was running rampant.

It was an endless cycle of debilitating, vicious, and self-loathing monologues. I could not see the light of day because I had closed so many doors. All those doors were locked. The key was nowhere to be found. I was in a rut. I felt alone. I felt like I was an abstract of nothingness, nothing made sense. I felt there was not going to be a way out.

One day, out of the blue, my teacher sense came in. There was something tactile about getting a piece of paper and pen. I started numbering my paper. After, I started to write my issues down that were bothering me. When I put my pen down and stared at my paper, all of a sudden, this cycle in my head had a tangent. This tangent led to a line outside of my head and onto a physical piece of paper. Now, I can see this issue from the outside of my mind. I was able to hone in. I saw number one and I started to cry. I saw what my problems were and I was finally able to step out of my existence, body and mind and look in to see what my problem was.

I put a line down the middle of the paper. On the right side, I started to write down solutions to my problems. I now had a blueprint to get my life back in order. I had taken these ugly thoughts in my head, took them out, stopped the cycle and I was able to pause my life and my mind. I was able to take the moment, breathe, and notice that whatever it was in my head was now outside. It was the first step of me getting better.

Every time I do this with others, it helps them tremendously as well. It is the best advice I can give to anyone. In order to put your life in order, you need to write your issues down. It did not click right away with me, it took me a while, but I knew I wanted to create a worksheet; A worksheet that would have tremendously helped me from the get-go if I had had at the time (or if someone were to have give to me). I know now I can use any of my worksheets anytime I feel down and out or out of touch; whether it’d be stress or a bad event. Even if it’s positive, people don’t realize the positive entities in their lives. So, I created positive and negative worksheets to help people get their life back in order.