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Speaking Services in South Florida

As The Life Teacher, I offer speaking services. As a Motivational Speaker, I will show your guests how to identify their problems, get past their self-talk and start working towards getting their lives in order. I have Worksheets for your guests to fill out that can help them through this process.

  • Typical Gig: 60 – 240 minutes
  • Fee: Contact Me
  • Language: English


My presentation will look similar to a classroom. I have a PowerPoint Presentation and Worksheets for participants to work on. These worksheets (Time Management, Stress, Goals, etc) will change their lives. I will guide the participants to write what they are thinking. They will come up with their own plan of action to succeed. These insightful exercises will help your participants step out of their existence. They will see their struggles from the outside. When they have clarity, they can begin to break things down, hone in on what needs attention, and start improving their lives and productivity one step at a time.

After writing down their own personal answers, I will ask for volunteers to give me their answers. If their is a board, I will write common answers to problems and solutions on the board.

Additional Activities

Cross The Line

An activity I like to facilitate with a crowd is Cross The Line. The audience is moved to one side of the room and I read aloud statements. If this is true for them, they would voluntarily cross the line. This can have many benefits to show the audience that they are not the only ones going to through x, y, and z.

1 – 10

In 1 – 10, I designate the room as a scale from 1 – 10. Depending on any given situation, the crowd will go to where they belong.

For example, the statement, “I feel like my boss really cares about my ideas.” The crowd will then go to which number they feel that statement applies to them.

In The Majority

“In The Majority” is a group game in which a topic is given to the groups. The groups then have to answer what they think the majority of the people will answer. The group with the most points will win the game.


I have been a middle school teacher for more than 7 years and I am currently in Toastmasters International.

Here is one of my speeches I gave at my Toastmasters Club:
“3 Ways To Manage Your Stress”


“Hector, your speech spoke straight to my heart. It opened my eyes to exactly how much stress I have in my life. Thought  your technique was excellent. I was captivated from start to finish. You have a gift for connecting with your audience. The examples & how holding on to all of this stress paralyzes us, was a revelation to me. I experienced that awakening moment during your speech. My son was diagnosed w/cancer at 16 years old. My husband just checked out of life. I have been carrying my family through all of this for six years. My husband became an alcoholic. I have been holding that bottle of water for 6 long years. Your speech opened my eyes as to why I have been paralyzed. I have dropped the bottle. I can’t change it, but I can let it go, meditate & stop allowing people or situations control my actions & reactions. Amazing. Thank you. I learned a lot about myself through your talk. You have helped me beyond anyway I could possibly express in words. I am eternally grateful.”
-Traci Holtzman Stewart
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Additional Booking Notes

-Desks or Tables to write on.
-Pens or Pencils

Not necessary, but helpful:
-Computer, projector and screen for PowerPoint Presentation

Speaking Services Beyond South Florida

I am able to speak beyond South Florida. Compensation for transportation will be included in the price.

Contact Me Directly or through GigSalad

Thank you.