Products and Tools

Products and Tools

1. Life Worksheets Book



Life Worksheets is sort of like a Life Workbook. It is your long-term go-to guide for all of life’s challenges. Everyone encounters challenges in life. Maybe it’s your health, finances, or romance troubles. Maybe you’re not sure of what it is. You just know you could use a little guidance. You are not alone. It doesn’t take good luck to improve your life. All it takes is you choosing to do it. In Life Worksheets, Hector Suco truly shows you how to identify your problems, get past your self-talk (inner monologue), and start working towards getting your life in order.

2. Worksheets

As a teacher, I always create worksheets for my students based on the content I am teaching. I have started to do this with my blog. Below are the worksheets that are for sale (Mostly $1.00) that can hopefully help you live a better life:

3. Motivational Spoken Word Album

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

“Life Lessons” is a Motivational Spoken Word Album. It is for anyone that might need extra guidance in their life and anyone who is looking for motivation.

Below are the places you can find “Life Lessons” to download.

CD Baby

4. E-Books

I’ve written two ebooks that are for sale.

“Quotes For Life” & “Quotes For The Classroom”

Click here to find “Quotes For Life” on iBooks

Click Here to find “Quotes For The Classroom ” on iBooks

“Quotes For The Classroom” Testimonials

“Lovely Resource!!!!”
-Shante Hill
Chicago, IL

“I plan on using these with our writing journals. Students will write their interpretation of the quote. Love these!”
-Amanda D. L

“Great quotes. I used them to create some really nice inspirational posters. Thanks!”
-Bradley Persinger
Spring, TX

“love these”
-Susan S.

You can also find both ebooks on the Amazon Kindle:

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