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My name is Hector Suco and I’m The Life Teacher.

I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I attended Florida International University and graduated with a degree in Education in 2009. I also attended Miami Dade College and graduated with a degree in Film in 2014. That’s when I started this website.

I am currently a middle school teacher. As a middle school teacher, you get a lot of questions thrown at you. There are two options here. For the most part, I deflect the questions because they are totally irrelevant to what I’m teaching at the time. Then there are those questions that make you pause and you realize that your students really don’t know anything about the subject. On this particular day, one of my students asked me about cancer. What was it? Who gets it? etc. I chose to answer the question. After explaining it to them, one student said to me, “You should be a Life Teacher.” And thus, The Life Teacher came about.

I am currently married to my beautiful wife, Lucia Suco.

Hector Suco Married Lucia Suco

In 2015, I was blessed with an adorable Baby Boy.

The Life Teacher

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