Time Management Worksheet

Time Management Worksheet

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How are you spending your time day to day? Do you feel as if you are wasting more time than enjoying it?

Time is a very valuable thing. Once it comes and passes you by, you can never get it back. Time is a major study in science, religion, and philosophy. How you spend you time in a major factor of your happiness. Don’t waste your lifetime.

As The Life Teacher, I’ve created this time management worksheet to help you recognize your weekly schedule compared to the most important things in your life. Are you spending your time wisely or not? What can you be doing differently on a day to day basis that can help you live a better life?

My time management worksheet can help you and guide you answer these questions. This time management worksheet is not a one time thing. You can come back to this worksheet in a month or two to see if you have made the necessary changes in your life. Also, if you see someone close to you wasting their time and energy on things that don’t matter, you can also help them by using this worksheet. This time management worksheet comes with an answer guide to each of the sections.

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