The Relationship Waiting Game Worksheet

The Relationship Waiting Game Worksheet
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The Relationship Waiting Game is the wait that takes place for a partner to take the next step in a relationship. In this worksheet, you will be asked the following questions along with a guide to help you answer the questions. You may purchase the worksheet. If not, you may answer them in a journal or on a piece of paper.

1. What is your age?
2. What is your relationship status?
3. Do you consider yourself to be “in love” with your significant other?
4. Are you currently waiting for your significant other to take the next step in your relationship? If yes, what is it?

  • Official Relationship
  • Proposal
  • Marriage
  • Have a Child

Have you told your significant other your wishes?
5. Have you given your significant other a timetable to take the next step in your relationship? If yes, how long did you give? How much time do they have left?
6. Will you break off the relationship if that timetable runs out?
7. What is it exactly that your significant other wants? Have they expressed the want to take the next step?
8. Do you want children?
If so, how many?
At what age do you want your first child?
At what age do you want your last child?

This worksheet is not a one time thing. You can come back to this worksheet to see if you have made the necessary changes in your life. This worksheet comes with an answer guide to each of the questions asked.

This worksheet can be printed, shared and used as you wish. Please do not redistribute or repackage this worksheet for commercial purposes. If you would like to share this content non-commercially, please provide a clear visible link back to

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