The Meaning of Life Worksheet

The Meaning of Life Worksheet

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What is the meaning of your life? Find out by using this Meaning of Life Worksheet.

Why were you placed on this planet? What were you sent here to do? You have to realize that you were placed on this planet for a reason. You need to find the meaning in your life. Once you do that, you will discover that your place in this world is more than what you know.

In this worksheet, you will be asked to rate how important each of these views are in your life:

To Realize One’s Potential and Ideals
To Achieve Biological Perfection
To Seek Wisdom and Knowledge
To Do Good, The Right Thing
To Love, To Feel, To Enjoy The Act of Living
Religious Meaning
To Have Power, To Be Better
No Meaning of Life
One Should Not Seek To Know
Life is Bad

This worksheet is not a one time thing. You can come back to this worksheet to see if you have made the necessary changes in your life. This worksheet comes with an answer guide to each of the questions asked.

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