Goal Worksheet

Goal Worksheet

Goal Worksheet

Whether they are personal goals, physical goals, or career goals, we all have them. But how effective are we in achieving our goals? And let’s say we achieve our goal, does that mean it’s over? We’re done? How about our dreams?

This worksheet is not a one time thing. You can come back to this worksheet to see if you have made the necessary changes in your life. This worksheet comes with an answer guide to each of the questions asked.

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“About eight months ago, I created two major goals for myself. The first goal was to redo my website for my chess business and second, to write a chess eBook, which people will be able download on my new website, www.laurengoodkindchess.com. I did face some challenges working on my goals, but I continued to be persistent. About two weeks ago, I finally accomplished these two major goals. To accomplish these goals, I used the Goal Worksheet. I found the goal worksheet to be very effective because the worksheet helped me keep on track. Now, I am using this worksheet to work on my other goals. I recommend others using the Goal worksheet.”
-Lauren Goodkind
San Francisco, CA

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